5 Reasons Why Video Should Be an Important Part of Your E-commerce Website Design

Most modern day shoppers gravitate towards videos instead of texts when searching out information about products online. According to research findings by ComScore, 64% of visitors who watch videos when searching for information about products are more likely to buy compared to visitors who don’t. The study further says that of all the content on e-commerce stores, video has the highest ROI. These statistics underscore the importance of including videos in your e-commerce web design efforts. This piece expounds on the 5 main reasons e-commerce merchants should include videos in their e-commerce web design projects:

Videos greatly enhance your e-commerce website’s search engine rankings

If you’ve been searching things online lately, you must have noticed a new trend; videos are appearing up on the search query. This means that Google has developed high appetite for videos. Since Google and You tube come from the same family, they are increasingly changing their algorithm for video to present high-value videos to help customers with their purchase decisions. Just a few years back, Google announced a new algorithm for video ranking. The ranking algorithm, which is already in effect, is based on watch time as opposed to the number of views. This means that moving forward, Google and You Tube will work together to increase the visibility of high-quality videos that present real solutions to customers. So as a smart e-commerce website owner, your e-commerce website design and marketing campaigns should include more videos. If you don’t have an e-commerce yet, you can start here with Shopify!

Videos today play a significant role in e-commerce website’s digital marketing campaigns

Due to the sudden shift from text-based content to visual based content, savvy marketers are producing top of the range videos to leverage this shift. In return, they expect an impressive ROI. To maximize returns, they also use these high-quality videos beyond their e-commerce website products pages. For instance, they share them on social media platforms, embed them in emails and newsletters, create You Tube channels and post the videos there. All these actions increase an e-commerce website’s visibility and broaden the owner’s bottom-line in the long run.

User Generated Videos are increasingly becoming popular on e-commerce websites

User generated videos are videos posted by customers detailing their experience with particular products. User generated videos can help your e-commerce store garner more sales. Studies show that customers are more likely to buy a product when they get opinion from other customers as opposed to sales people or the manufacturing company. Therefore, encouraging customers to post user generated videos will help increase your e-commerce store’s conversion rate.

Video boosts your e-commerce website’s mobile marketing campaigns

The Google’s algorithm change from desktop to mobile-first indexing was due to one reason: Mobile sales surpassed those of personal computers. Savvy marketers are leveraging this change by using mobile responsive designs to conform to the ever increasing market. Products videos are increasingly becoming common because they appeal to customers when watched from mobile devices and they can bring out a product’s characteristics clearly and spark engagement.

Videos have been substantiated to minimize customer care calls and product returns

A video is the closest thing a customer can get to a physical product. Videos found on e-commerce websites typically describe products and services. Essentially, they demonstrate to a customer how the product is used or how to assemble it. This gives the customer real information to be able to assemble the product without calling a customer care representative for direction. It also minimizes cases of product returns due to inability to operate them.


In a world where time is of the essence, more people are attracted to videos because they pass across information fast without having to spend quality time reading through a huge block of text. So if you’re a prospective e-commerce website owner or own one already, make a point to make video an important part of your marketing strategy to avoid missing out on the visual-based content revolution.